Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Did anyone get a Gold Cylon Mailer?

My friend John sent me an email the other day asking me about this, one of his "holy grails". He claims he sent away for this as a kid but a got a Hot Wheels car and an apology. Since then he's been looking for one in the mailer box to fill that void (i can relate to that) but it's never come up.

When I started thinking about I realized I've seen them carded and of course loose but in all my years I've never come across one in the mailer box.

So question to you all is, did you or do you have a gold Cylon in the mailer box?


Anonymous said...

The gold cylon looks a lot like the regular/silver cylon.
You could buy a silver cylon, cover his/its black parts, + then spray paint it gold. Hm.

Count Robot said...

i got him. mailed away for it back in the day. It was just like the silver one. both are long gone.

Greyhawk Grognard said...

No, but I did get "Reflector" which was another mail-order figure. Long gone, alas.

Scott J Baker said...

I did, but the figure and mailer box are long gone. I also got the Hot Wheels car for sending Mattel a couple missiles from my Cylon Raider.

Gamera977 said...

That's awesome that the figure did come out!

As Anon said it would be easy enough for Mattel to have done the Command Centurion by substituting gold chrome parts for the silver chrome ones. Other than the colour difference the Command model had a slightly deeper voice than the regular cannon fodder Centurions.

I've heard some backstory that the Command models along with the IL series brains had a second 'brain' as well as the single processor that the regular Centurions and worker class drones shown in 'The Living Legend'had. Seems the Imperious Leader had a third 'brain'as well that was some sort of internet access he could use to monitor the empire.

Seventiesfan said...

I got the Cylon at a Lionel Playworld in 1979. It was a clearance item for under a dollar. I still have it, with the rifle.

Tony Nichols said...

I sent away for, and received, TWO of the gold Centurions. I still had one as recently as my last move in the 90s... alas, it's gone, now. It was, indeed, identical to the silver one, other than the color.


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