Thursday, February 28, 2019

Components for the Over Look

The Orlon infused style known as the "Over Look" peaked in 1971 and vanished from our landscape. Each year fans gather in Tallahassee Florida for an annual convention and dream of the days of its grand return.

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Wow, what a celebrity-packed ad campaign!

1) Micky Dolenz
2) Meeno Peluce
3) Bill Hader?
4) Patrick Swayze

top_cat_james said...


3) Fred Willard

Anonymous said...

Neat Nature Trivia: [4.] is the only male on this page who a.) ever had intercourse with a female more than once and b.) fathered children.

It's no coincidence he's the only one who's actually dressed like a man who wouldn't get laughed out of any bar where hard-working people do their drinking.

...that's even counting the regrettable "what was I thinking that day" vest. If he puts on a pair of good Don Post boots and a rodeo buckle, even the vest could work.


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