Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Little People Love

I really should keep some Fisher Price little people on my desk (or at the very least some Pin Mates) I think starting the day with them would greatly improve my overall experience.


Anonymous said...

Oh my stars, you've solved a mystery that's been bothering this Anon for years.

When I cleaned out my parents' estate, down in the basement I found two small brown plastic bears that were somewhat like action-figures. A few cryptic model numbers on the arms, "Made In Hong Kong" on a leg and nothing else. They were obviously from something I'd had as a child, but I couldn't remember ever playing with them.

Looking over the circus train set, I -do- remember the giraffe and the elephant. My dad loved trains so the bears must have come from the "first train set" he bought me when I was a toddler. How I got two bears is still a mystery.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Holy awesomeness Batman! That's my childhood right there. Little People sets were everywhere. Although the only one of this lot I clearly remember is the castle. I loved all the litle details they packed into these things, such as the trap door in the castle tower.

I think I had a house, barn, and parking garage. Imagine trying to sell a parking garage as a toy these days.

Sharpie said...

My family called these "potty people," since they look like toilets when you flip 'em upside-down.


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