Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kung Fu Shirts!

OK, I think the world would be an entirely better place if we all wore silky Kung Fu shirts and acted like we're in Shaw Brothers movie. I'll go first but I need you all to join in, don't disappoint me!

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Is that Iron Fist at the bottom? I guess heroes for hire need to supplement their income.

Anonymous said...

Y_I_N has some serious comics nerd going on. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The real culprits for this fashion faux pas aren't the Shaw Brothers. It's Ed Spielman and Jerry Thorpe who came up with original "Kung Fu" TV series. They're the ones who unleashed this arnel/ nylon horror on the Western World.

Later, on tonight's episode of Faulty Fonts...

"Kung Fu Shirts" is written in Honda which is unmistakably a German-style font. How German-style? For most of its publication history as a punk and goth magazine, Propaganda used "Honda" for its title. Propaganda was notorious for combining androgynous models with military surplus. Photo is SFW.

Before anyone asks, the magazine's creator is Jewish and his only interest in fascism is for its transgressive fetish potential, typified by work like his "Hangmen" series. Both photos are SFW, probably the only two from the entire shoot that actually are.

The Germans who gave fonts like "Honda" a bad reputation would have sent Berger to the gas chambers, not just for his ancestry but mainly for depicting them as limp-wristed, lipstick-wearing goth nancy-boys.


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