Friday, June 22, 2018

Pod Stallions 63: Convention Stories

The last PodStallions we did was so much fun, we rushed back to do another, look at us being proactive! This week’s show is all about conventions and toy shows.

We explore our humble first conventions (which were mind blowing to us then) and eventually get all the way to modern tales of San Diego comic con.

Along the way we talk about celebrity encounters, being a dealer, terrible conventions, John Colicos, Colin Baker, Jon Pertwee, spending all our money, getting drunk and renting adult videos? How did we even? Nevermind.

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pro wrestling photog said...

Fun podcast to listen to. I used to work at Shinder's. Not the St. Paul one but the one in Blaine and Roseville. I also went to the Doctor Who convention with the 2 Doctors. I stayed to get their signed 5x7's.

VintageQuixotic said...

“You could take out ‘Gene Simmons’ and insert the word, ‘Spock’” LOL – Brian, so true! This was a fun episode. It brought back memories & I totally related to the idea of being taken out of the experience at cons or shows because of behaviors of others

I went to my first con in Philadelphia, too, ’81 when I was 12. Koenig (lol) was the guest and they screened “Space Seed” & the blooper reel. I probably had $20 – more money than I’ve ever had to spend at one time – & went home with a Raiders of the Lost Ark one-sheet, the Raiders issue of American Cinematographer, a Star Wars theater program, the SW Hidebrandt poster, the three SW Palmolive promo posters plus whatever free stuff they were giving away, like Wrath of Khan flyers (for me growing up, I was more likely to be treated to a comic or magazine over a toy & always kind of kept that mentality).

That was my first and last con until 1995 when I started going to the insanely awesome annual StarCon in Pasadena before Creation took over everything like the Evil Empire. The saddest experience I had there was seeing Grace Lee Whitney sitting alone & looking depressed with no one at her table. I’m a big fan but I didn‘t go over, but I sure as hell wish I did.


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