Thursday, June 07, 2018

Just a Reminder

Father's Day is coming up, also I'm a 48 tall just in case my kids are reading this.


Les said...

Up next on the ABC Afterschool Special, "My Two Dads."

Anonymous said...

Very close, Les. Right show, wrong title. ;)

You're thinking of "Me and Dad's New Wife" which aired in Season Four (1975–76). No snickering, either. That's the correct title and the season.

It was ground-breaking television for its time and handled the tricky subject of Dad's new "wife" very sensitively.

Not surprisingly, both couples are the stereotypical older man with a younger companion.

We've seen Mr. [Q] before, as well.

John said...

Is this an advertisement for the new Marvel hero team , "Fantastic Pants " written by Stan Lee ?

Anonymous said...

Come on, don't tell me that someone, anyone, bought that robin's egg blue thing with the frilly waist and wore that. Dollars to doughnuts thousands of those will be excavated from some landfill intact.


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