Monday, June 04, 2018

Electra Wow!

I'm still in recovery mode from Mego Meet but wanted to share this story of my first experience walking on the show floor. My friend Scott takes me aside and hands me this, a custom Dyna Girl. 

Last year Scott had done a limited amount of Electra Woman but only one Dyna Girl. He said he knew I was bummed I missed her, so he made me one.

More than the toy itself (which is amazing) I was touched by the kindness shown, the thoughtfulness. Toys are just stuff but I think in the end,  it is friends I ended up collecting, I love that.

It was a good omen to a very positive weekend but more on that later.

Here is the action figure set, I really would have wanted as a kid (but probably have been top chicken to buy), wish fulfilled, thank you, Scott.

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wendyvee said...

Very cool ... and, yep, the people you meet is what it's all about :)

Also, I will have the Electra Woman theme song in my head all day LOL

Ned H said...

The doll's likeness to DynaGirl is incredible. In fact, it's worth noting that the sculpt is better than the artwork on the backer card. So glad you had a great time. I really want to make it to a MegoMeet one day.

Scott said...

The Electracomps are too small. They should be around the same size as their heads! LOL!! (Just kidding, but they were huge!!)

Awesome customs! Totally jealous. You need a Glitter Rock or a Spider Lady to go with them now.

John said...

The doll's likeness is pretty amazing but.... my 10 year old pre-pubescent self marvels at the legs on that girl. Yowch !

Unknown said...

I did the dyna-girl head ( and imo I did a much better job on this one!), but did not know the thoughtful story behind it! Scott is such an awesome guy.


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