Friday, March 09, 2018

Eagle 1 Spaceship

I absolutely adore the Mattel Space:1999 Eagle and have never met a kid who had it, whose eyes didn't glaze over when I mention it.

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Hauntedheadful said...

$14.99...brand new...I better get crackin'on my time travel research.

benestro138 said...

This was the best toy ever. I played with it forever and lost it a piece at a time. It served as the millennium falcon for a time.

Anonymous said...

Some of us got hooked on Space 1999 when it went back into syndication to ride the Star Wars wave. For some reason, the Eagles never made it into the rural New England store chains. Maybe it was too little, too late. For what it's worth, the region was the absolute pits when it came to action figure variety in general.

I know I wanted an Eagle which is saying a lot because and I was fairly finicky when it came to vehicles and play-sets. A bunch of kids I knew were literally hooked on getting vehicles, even more than the action-figures themselves. Action figures were mostly just "set dressing" for their vehicles. If a character didn't appear in a vehicle, he wasn't important. Cloud Car Pilot? Sure, they needed TWO of those dudes. Bespin Guard? Lobot? Ughnaut? Lando? Nope.

Point is, they all wanted an Eagle even more than I did. Fisher Price's "space" line fit worked with Star Wars figures, but the Eagle was magnficent. One look at it and you could see it would "fit in" perfectly. If any of the local stores had been carrying it, those kids would have known.

Well... *sigh* When Hauntedheadful finishes their time-travel machine, I'm sure a few of us will have one or two things we'll want them to bring back for us from Aldens.


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