Friday, March 02, 2018

Crystar: Crystal Warrior

Crystar is pretty bittersweet for me as it's possibly the last action figure I ever purchased as a kid, I was in the last few weeks of being 12 and the winds of change were blowing.  I still think they were neat.

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Anonymous said...

The art for the Marvel promo page is weird. Looks like it was done by two different artists. He-Man Crystar, his buddy Eye-Patch and the castle have a very "Marvel Super Special" look.

But the Spooky Blind Wizard, the Lava Dragons and that smokin' hot blonde in her mid-30s were clearly done by someone else, someone who was doiing a very good job trying to be Boris Vallejo or maybe even the man himself.

Checking the catalog page, the blonde wasn't listed. Neither was Crystal Castle GraySkull, but that's obviously a play-set waiting to happen.

For anyone who might care, the Marvel promo page re-used the cover of the Crystar comic #1, which butchered a gorgeous piece of promotional art

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Krystar was really cool and underrated. The line probably needed better marketing or more figures or something.
I really wouldn't mind seeing Matty Collector do a "He-Man" re-interpretation of the Krystar line.

Chris W said...

Animated series in development? What happened to that?

The blonde looks bored out of her mind by Crystar. His ex maybe?


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