Monday, March 26, 2018

Tulip Collar Jac

Ah, the first Tulips of Spring have arrived!

5 comments: said...

That's a new one for me,and I was around in the 60's and 70's.I think it would have been a little more subtle if the collar was the same color as the rest of the suit.And the flair bottoms with the Plats...never...just...never.I actually think the collar isn't quite so bad,it's kind of like something a rock star would wear.Hell, I wore a Pharoah collar tux(Like Michael Jackson in Billy Jean) to my Junior Prom,and a Miami Vice Tux to my 5 year class re-union.

Anonymous said...

Tupac Collar Jac? Didn't he do a film with Jet Li? :D

I like those boots. I think if I wore them, I'd fall down! :)

Anonymous said...

Never thought the day would come, but this fellow make Captain Fancy Pants and his Electric Merry Men look almost retrained by comparison.
(found here, if you're new)

At least the two Electric Merry Men could probably walk around in public today without the open laughter Captain Fancypants himself would undoubtedly get.

This is not "a bold new world of masculine styling". This is just too far-out. Propably too far-out even back then.

The Tulip Collar Jac is unsustainable, even at one of "those" kinds of events where (instead)it screams "trying too hard". The shoes... only Marilyn Manson could ever get away with wearing shoes like that now.

The trousers could still work, especially with a pair of fairly straightforward brogues or very restrained winklepickers. Assuming you have something like a 30 inch waistline, max. Flares don't work for fatties. Come to think of it, most 70s fashions assumed men were on the John Travolta Diet.*FT_pUnstfldvGI2sawvnzw.jpeg

senormedia said...

"Jac suit" uh-huh. . .

Kevin P said...

Love me some John Oates


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