Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Les Super Heros!

This catalog page from France is like every other thought i had when i was eight. Nowadays I sadly think a lot about sandwiches more than Shogun Warriors....


John H said...

You need to create a shogun sandwich. Then you can think about both! Combattra cotto salami, Dangard Ace deli ham. Etc. You can call it the Great Mazinga! LOL

Anonymous said...

TR says-

Ohhhh mannnn! :D

I would've given somebody my life's savings, for a Goldorak aka Shogun Warriors, costume, in the 1970s!

If I had that costume, in the 1970s- I would have been the COOLEST KID in my elementary school.
That's so fun!

Thanks for the memories, Plaid Stallion!


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