Monday, October 02, 2017

Top stitched slacks make the scene

This is so much like my personal life, it's scary!
(I hope my wife isn't reading today....)


mattygroves said...

Where have her legs gone?!!?!

Trilkhai said...

@mattygroves — I was wondering the same thing! It kind of looks like she's laying really awkwardly on her hip, but at that particular angle, she'd have to basically be hanging off of his hand. "Please, darling, take me with you! I cannot stand to be without your bell-bottomed love!!"

Anonymous said...

As much as I like making fun of the 1970s, + other 20th century decades:
His look looks pretty COOL to me! :)

I might not buy his type of shoes, mind you. ;D

Chris W said...

She probably fell down laughing at his ridiculous pants.


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