Thursday, October 26, 2017

Denys Fisher Monster Factory

Sometimes I buy Monster toys and then totally forget about them in October, case in point this set. A wonderful "do it yourself" craft set from the UK that includes Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Dracula (the Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry of the monster world).

What's that you ask? Can we look inside Brain? Your wish is granted after the jump!

So Copycast is a series released by Denys Fisher, who by the way, is the man who invented Spirograph, I always like mentioning that. Monsters was one of a few themes that you could get in 1976.

Monsters, Planet of the Apes and Dinosaurs, there is no loser here! Seriously I'd pick all of these guys for my team.

Pretty sure the Copycast material isn't good now, so I won't try to make figures of these guys but the molds are a little cartoony. I'm not complaining.

I never bore of monster toys and honestly, i hope I never will.....


Hauntedheadful said...

You can get plaster mix at any craft or hobby store,or on line.Or you can use these molds for something different.How about making ice monsters for a Halloween punch bowl?

Ned H said...

Wolf-Man looks a little more "swinging' " than usual. I think it's the ruffles.

JFStan said...

Frankie looks like he's holding a beer while awkwardly standing around at a party and he really doesn't know anyone there.


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