Friday, December 23, 2016

PodStallions Mini Sode 2: Nerd Horror Stories

We're finally back after a few bumps in the road with our second mini sode (remember when we planned to do these monthly?).

To make it up to everyone, our second mini is all about bearing our souls. We get into some personal cringe worthy pain from the days where being a geek wasn't something attractive women dressed like Powergirl loudly proclaimed.

We talk about cosplaying at middle school, getting caught with toys by girls or even worse, your entire grade nine class and the lengths you'd go to keep our fandom on the DL.

Join us for 30 minutes of pain and shame, just in time for the holidays?

Topics Include: Kenner Super Powers, Doctor Who, Scarves, Star Wars, Mom, The Mall, fist fights, shame, Shogun Warriors, punch out books, shame, geekery, Colin Baker, 

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