Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The BIonic Age

Christmas always reminds me of the Bionic Man, I think it's because he was pricier than Mego or Big Jim.

I honestly got every Bionic toy I had at Christmas and it was a sweet three years, let me tell you.


Seventiesfan said...

I still have the Six Million Dollar Man figure I got for Christmas in 1975, as well as photos, a home movie, and an audio tape recording of that Christmas. It was definitely a Bionic Christmas, but I also got Mego Super Heroes, Mego Wizard of Oz, and my sister got Growing Up Skipper and the Family Treehouse (her son plays with it now).

That's a nice ad. I have everything but the Mission Control Center and the Fortress of Solitude (I used to have both!)

Cee said...

Everything you needed to know about 1970s fashion featured weekly in both shows :)


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