Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Atari Dreams

My grandmother never threw catalogs out, she let them sit until the new one came in.

So I can remember spending the better part of a year staring at this image, plotting as to how I would make the Atari 2600 mine.

I had to get my first job but it was so worth it and it changed Christmas forever.


Armpit Studios said...

I still feel like there's an RGB sunburst emanating from me when I think about playing my 2600.

Anonymous said...

My dad and I used to play the "Combat" cartridge non-stop. I even recognize the Ricochet-Fire Maze Tank game on the screen. But in all the years of playing, we never got the 2600 to create the RGB sunburst shown. Was it a special easter-egg? :D

Anybody else notice the guy isn't even holding the joystick and the elegant lady beside him is holding her joystick sideways, without her fingers even near the fire button?

Armpit Studios said...

Good eye.


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