Friday, April 08, 2016

The Amazing Spider-Brush

 I'm totally fascinated with little bits of weird super hero merchandise like this. 

Here we have the marriage of hair care and our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, whose mantra of putting his name on everything would put Garfield to shame. This is all the handiwork of the standard Pyroxoioid Corp. (sexy name!)


This set solves a big mystery to me, that's a repainted Marx Spider-Man figure (which was also sold by Fleetwood Toys a year earlier) and that carry case is often mistaken for a Mego item.

This is a pretty well thought out attempt to get boys excited about grooming, it probably didn't work but I gotta give props for the effort...


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh!

Never in a million years would I have thought that a Spiderman: action figure, play-set, brush + comb [set] would ever have existed!
That is some strange stuff. :D

Unknown said...

I don't really think that Spiderman cares how his hair really looks anyway. Which brings to mind the interesting question of what Batman, Superman, Spiderman and other suit-wearing superheroes have to do to disrobe when nature calls.


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