Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star Wars X Wing Aces

Kenner X Wing Aces

While I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars guy, I am kind of surprised to have zero memory of this wonderfully low tech game.

Admittedly as a kid, I dumped all other toys into the "Not Action Figures" section, this one draws a complete blank. This is probably the fault of old age or booze, either way i don't want the answer.


biopunk said...

This is a re-skinning of a WW1 game?

I remember it was red, but not much else.

Canadian Star Wars Gallery said...

You may not recall this item since it was not released in Canada. Kenner capitalized on the Star Wars craze by releasing the previous version - Aerial Aces - under the Star Wars logo with a grey shell in the USA.

Here is a photo of the original red case Aerial Aces along with the Star Wars version:


Umbratikus said...

Ha. I also categorized toys that way: action figures/not action figures. I still do, actually.


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