Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hasbro Super Joe Concept Art

Long ago, I saw these amazing pieces of original Super Joe concept art on Ebay, I regretted not putting a bid in and never got even proper shots of them for the site.

As luck would have it, the winner of the auction was none other than my pal John "Toyzilla" Marshall and he graciously offered to share them with the world.

These pieces appear to be drawn by comics legend Nick Cardy and depict Super Joe punching out what I can only guess is a rough concept of Gor: King of the Terrons. 

He's Joe and early version of the Shield knocking the wind out of Gor again. I can't say enough about this great artwork, I'm smitten.

Thanks again to John for this awesome share. Nothing like some newly discovered 70s joy.


Tim H said...

Was a toy of "Gor, the Terron" made? I missed out on Joe in the 70s, but caught the Hasbro 4" figures in the 80s.

Unknown said...

Tim, both Gor and the Terron were made (two separate figures) You can check them out and the whole Super Joe line at

Tim H said...

Groovy! Man, those figs are far out! If I had the bread, man, I'd score me some Joe!


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