Saturday, December 19, 2015

Spider-Man shopping spree!

Spidey joined the winner of shopping spree back in 1981, I dream of these things sometimes....

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery
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Alphacentaurian said...

That woulds be awesome.

One wonders if they allowed any of these Spideys to talk, or if they had to keep shut, Electric Company style?

Anonymous said...

This kid either grew up to be a business tycoon or his parents already were. Notice how he's grabbed multiple boxes of the same telescope and other high-ticket items. This isn't a lucky boy living out a dream prize, this is a shrewd young man who's going to flip that merchandise in the local paper's classified ads and walk away with enough cash to buy a decent used car.

Jenn said...

I would have been all over the electronics and high end stuff. Action figures and stuffed animals are for amateurs. 3 minute shopping spree=used car and spending money!


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