Monday, December 07, 2015


Drop front sailor pants: because you can hold it a really, really long time.....


Striped Squirrel said...

The proud long panted men of the USS Dropfront, enforcing the no fly zone of the discotheque since 1975.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

I want that shirt! I'll outsmart Wile E. Coyote with that.
Enya can take the pants.

Sharon M said...

Watch out you don't cut yourself on those creases.

Anonymous said...

"a one-way street stripe that runs across your chest and leads to the action."

The copy writers back then didn't hold back, did they?

Apparently "drop-front sailors' pants" are cut tight enough to see which side theses jolly jack-tars tuck their belaying pins.

Somehow it is no surprise the left hand of the sailor in white is nestled comfortably on the thigh of sailor in blue, less than an inch away from where "the action" is.


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