Friday, December 04, 2015

1977 Gabriel Toys Lone Ranger Catalog

Gabriel Marx Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger toyline is easily one of the nicest action figure lines of the 1970s if not all time and Gabriel Toys had some real long running success with it.

This 1977 Catalog is the third year for the line and shows that it was still going strong, Gabriel put a lot of effort into this catalog and it truly showcases how nice this line really was.

And once you're finished, we've got the most Gabriel Lone Ranger content on teh interwebs!

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Raul said...

I still have my Lone Ranger figure!!!

Will Errickson said...

Yes! I had a few Lone Rangers back in the day and always lost his mask immediately; I can recall trying to make one out of felt or construction paper. Before STAR WARS these figures were the shit.


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