Monday, October 12, 2015

Imperial Toys Godzilla Merchandise Blitz Part 1

Imperial made the 1980s more fun by laying out some truly inspired Godzilla merchandise from the insane bubble blowing bong to the more logical PVC Godzilla. 

I still have mine that I purchased 30 (sigh!) years back, it followed through every dorm room/crappy apartment and is still kicking!


Anonymous said...

I dunno. I'd like to buy a bubble blowing Godzilla toy, even now as an adult.

I think I'd have fun with all the strange looks I would get. ;D

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Last year I bought a skateboarding Godzilla for my little niece, a made-in-China figure, if I remember well.

I thought it was funny, but man, that bubble blowing one... and Imperial, no less.
I don't think we ever had that one in the 80's, or I would have bought it.

Danny said...

man, that pvc godzilla seemed like it was everywhere in the late 80s...from the big chain stores to the small variety stores. and not to forget its long running appearance on the Roseanne show..

Anonymous said...

"bubble blowing bong"

That's priceless. :D These days with "vaping" so popular, I'd love to see a "Godzilla Conversion".


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