Friday, October 16, 2015

Glass Lite Dracula from Brazil

One of my favourite monster toys of late is this tremendously quirky 1980s action figure made in  Brazil by the famous (to Star Wars collectors) Glasslite toy company.

Glasslite simply released the single 3 3/4" Dracula, no other monsters appear on the card and he's a pretty sweet figure but that's not the best part.


They also created this killer Dracula gift set that gives Vlad a sweet convertible Porsche and a Monster Truck! It's so wonderfully silly that I absolutely want it. .


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Well, why not?
Every Distinguished Nobleman of the 80's (evil or not) just NEEDS a Porsche and a four-wheel drive. They didn't made a Helicopter just because Vlad can fly.

AmazinClark said...

A Trans-am was a suitable substitute for the Porsche.

Anonymous said...

I really dig both the figure and playset. Very cool stuff, indeed! I hope you find one for your collection some day.

David Schumacker

JFStan said...

I can just see Drac racing the Hulk on his Quadrunner.


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