Monday, October 05, 2015

Pressman Movie/TV "Monster Make Up"

It's October and that means the Halloween content flows like fake blood around here. 

To all of you who had this wonderful set as a kid, please let it be known I'm still a little envious of you. These kinds of items always intrigued me in the back of magazines and comics but I never put my hands on them.


Anonymous said...

Being a big Planet of the Apes fan, I always wanted the "King Gorilla" makeup set Pressman put out around the same time. What a cool concept!

Jón Páll said...

I had the Monster Makeup Kit.

The "Flex-Flesh" was a (toxic free) gelatin substance that you colored with an acrylic and then molded in pre-cast vacuform molds provided in the kit.
It also included greasepaint base colors and shading colors along with relatively good instructions on how to apply them.

It was a lot of fun but there were drawbacks of course.
There was only so much stuff included, so you could only two or three complete makeups.
The edges of the appliances were pretty thick and little chance of blending them successfully into your skin.

Then there was your mom screaming at you because of the mess you made in front of the bathroom mirror.


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