Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Funstuf Monsters!

I am not sure why I don't own a Funstuf Frankenstein.

This catalog is from the UK, where they decided to pass on Dracula for some odd reason...


Alan said...

This is so funny, but just yesterday I was searching on the internet for information about this strange Marvel Thing toy that has a rubbery top half and an inflation port in the back. I've owned it for years, since I was a kid, but don't know anything about it. Just yesterday I was searching for info and found none. And today, here I am at this blog, and the back of that Hulk toy is the same as the Thing toy I have. The mystery unravels. Ironically, I remember this Hulk toy, but didn't remember it clearly enough and had never seen the back of it.

Seventiesfan said...

I have both the Funstuf Frankenstein and Hulk. I got them in 1979, but without any box or accessories. They probably came from a flea market or yard sale. Frankenstein's upper body glows in the dark.

Anonymous said...

I actually worked for Funstuf during the late 70's when these figures were manufactured. The facility was in Maitland Fl, just north of Orlando. I was the supervisor for the second shift where we packaged the Hulks and Thing Aniforms. We also made a limited number of Draculas and Frankensteins, but they never went into full production. The majority of these figures went to Toys 'R' Us,



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