Friday, November 14, 2014

Pod Stallions Episode 24: Starlog

Our November podcast has Jason and Brian waxing nostalgic (which technically is our job) about the glory days of Starlog magazine.

Starlog magazine was how both of us first cut our nerdy teeth, a wonderful window into the world of SF and fantasy that gave us that connection. It's safe to say, this podcast owes a lot to this publication. Even if we often times asked for a brown paper bag so as to not get beat up on the way home.

We review landmark issues and of course, talk about the wonderful ads that appeared over the decades.

Along the way we discuss SF of the 70s and 80s, Mego toys, Blade Runner, model kits, Flash Gordon, Shatner, Jim Sterenko and most importantly Harlan Ellison's hat.

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Sam G said...

Wow. You guys are my long lost bruthas. I used to go to the mall in anticipation to get the new Starlog. Good times.

Alan said...

I was so psyched to see this new episode here so soon after your 2 Halloween ones. You guys just made my day!

Dar said...

You didn't like "Blade Runner"?

Not enough moose steaks in it, you canuck bastard!?!

Nah, I just kid.

Good show as always.


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