Sunday, November 30, 2014

colouring book theatre: The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk: Giant Story Colouring Book by Parkes Run

I recently discovered photos of this book, taken in 2011 at my pal Jeff's store Kool Stuff Toys. Parkes Run made these giant  books in the late 70s and I remember getting at least one for Christmas.

In order to use this for CBT I propped it up against a chair and photographed it, so today's feature is a little wonky but still a fun look at this nicely drawn but sparsely written book.

Grab your crayons and still suit and join me after the jump

Batman coloring book

The book opens with Hulk being angry and smashing things, which I guess is to be expected. What's that behind him?

Dune coloring book

Sir Ram, a minion of the high evolutionary captures the Hulk and plans to take him to his master.

Dune coloring book

Much to everyone's surprise, a fight breaks out!

Dune coloring book

At one point, Bruce Banner makes an appearance almost to slow down the pace of this epic tale.

Dune coloring book

The High Evolutionary shows up and just gives everybody a cosmic time out.

Batman coloring book

Our hero is left back where he started, angry, dejected and looking for acceptance. Oh Hulk, will you ever find love?

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John Scott Tynes said...

Wait just a darn minute here. On that fourth page, the one with Bruce Banner, where is that guard's arm? How is he lifting Banner? OH MY GOD


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