Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Space Shark

Man, I loves me some copyright infringing knock offs and Space Shark here is a triple play! The front featuring Mark from "Battle of the Planets" getting an assist by the Argo from "Star Blazers" neither which tie into the shark motif very well but rest assured....

Space Jaws is on the side panel! What these three properties have to do with one another isn't a question I intend to answer in my lifetime.

The gun itself is all kinds of cool featuring a shark face on the end, it kind of sells itself really.

Our book celebrating Rack Toys is nearly sold out.


Devlin Thompson said...

You're overlooking the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-style lettering!

Justin said...

Epic beyond belief.A+

Anonymous said...

You can restore the UV damage on the plastic if you want:



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