Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sonic Woman

I am pleased to reveal the latest update to our Tomland galleries, the copyright infringing superheroine herself, the Sonic Woman!

Tomland was more well known for their Star Raiders and Famous of Monsters of Legend action figures, which both demonstrate how little they thought of paying for licenses.

I've known about these particular figures for a few years but never knew their actual names, below are a set of loose "Sonic People" featured here earlier. They were also shown in Rack Toys. It wasn't until a kind soul contacted me about this figure did I finally have a clue.

The arrival of the carded Sonic Woman clears the name mystery, thanks internet!

As obvious as this "fully jointed woman from the future" is she's not the most blatant Bionic knockoff by a mile, that will be revealed in a new list this Friday. Please check it out.

Also, please check Ebay as I'm selling a loose Sonic Woman right now. This is the only loose one I've ever seen, so if you're into this like I am, this is your chance.

I'm always buying Tomland Monsters, click here to email me.

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Cool 70s Mom said...

Just found your blog. And now I intend to waste my afternoon at work reading it! Call me crazy, but I am still waiting for the Donny and Marie doll I asked for from Santa circa Christmas 1977.

senormedia said...

I do like it when my women are fully jointed. Who doesn't, really?


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