Monday, March 17, 2014

A Green Celebration

Alternative title "Kiss me I'm 25% Irish".  I thought with it being St Patrick's Day, we'd look back at some of the greenest outfits of the 1970s. Yep, it's a clip show and I'm most likely hung over already, so let me catch a nap and you check out more after the jump:

The name tags/ties are so Dad's not embarrassed when he can't remember your name. Daddy's slurring because he's tired, children.

The world needs more vests and is that velvet i see?

One of my favourite PS models, Lanny is unable to look bad in anything. This man could make a suit of soiled diapers look and smell good people...

This man is about to cut a bar of Irish Spring in half and explain it's freshness.

"The leader is serving green koolaid today, must be a special occasion"

Finally we have the Maxi, the greatest outfit known to mankind, which I'm  currently trying to sell on Ebay. So if you're a large and think you're cool enough (The outfit doesn't fit me and makes me look like a hated Doctor Who villain from the late 1980s)  you can check it out here.

Have a great St Paddy's day people, I'll be at home waiting for you tourists to get the heck out of my bar.


johnmiic said...

I'd be more interested in the outfit to the right of the Maxi. I could use it for the next Ark II convention. Did you notice the guy's hand to the right? Gahhhh!!!! They Live!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is TR.

Oh Wow! Ouch. I Didn't know they made GI Joe costumes for adults. :)

senormedia said...

ooh, I am a 38 waist...

A little out of my "damn the heating system just went out" price range this year, though.


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