Friday, November 01, 2013

Quick Curl Barbie, Mod Hair Ken commercial

Good news, I stumbled on some more toy commercial reels and after years of sitting on my desk, I had them converted. First up is a little something for the ladies in the form of this early commercial. Here is a link if you can't see the embed code.

I love how putting side burns on Ken makes him noble but a moustache means bad guy. You'll be hearing from my brothers at the anti-facial hair defamation league Mattel! The AFHD doesn't think kindly of unfair stereotypes!

More good news is that I'll soon be adding all these new commercials to my existing toy commercial DVDs, so they'll just be a bonus so to speak. I'll debut another in the coming weeks, trust me it's a good one.


Manny said...

So mustache equals evil and sideburns equals "the Hero"? IF only things were so simple. They all actually just look like Ron Burgandy or Paul Rudd in Ron Burgandy.

Tex said...

"Put a moustache on Ken, and make believe he's in a porno movie."

(you know you were thinkin' it as well)


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