Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing Satin Monster

Presenting the latest release by Odeon Toys, Satin Monster, one of our mascots,  is a limited edition 8 inch action figure in the 70s Mego style. He comes complete with genuine vintage threads (real thrift store clothing was murdered to create each figure) and packed with more manliness than is allowed in the state of Tennessee. 

Every one of the ten action figures comes on this clamshell card, so he can be displayed MOC or..

To be life of all your man-doll parties. Warning, all your other action figures will be jealous or possibly pregnant.

Special thanks to Steve M for the fabric, David Lee for the head work and the amazing Theressa for the sew magic!

Limited to ten units, Satin Monster will be available on the Ebay and at the Mego Museum mall. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Coming in January:

1 comment:

Tex said...

So, does SM come with the cool cap, as shown on the card?

(Satin Monster ROCKS that cap)


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