Sunday, November 10, 2013

Colouring Book Theatre: The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back

I found this book rummaging around in Comic Alley Toys a while back, I never had any of the colouring books past the Star Wars one I reviewed here so it was all new to me.

The thing I most remember about Star Wars colouring books was the proof of purchase logo on the bottom. I plotted at one point to turn it in for my Boba Fett offer but I worried that the Kenner police would see my grand deception and cut me off of figures for life.

Years later, my podcast partner Jason told me he did this all the time as a kid and the Kenner police were none the wiser...

Let's take a look at this after the jump...

Batman coloring book

Unlike the Star Wars ones, the Empire book has a clean, consistent style. Did I mention 95% of this book is horribly coloured? The people at the shop probably debated throwing this out but then some idiot bought it.

Dune coloring book

Bossk! I loved him as a kid, not a single line and his appearance in the film is a mere cameo but there's probably hundreds of websites devoted to this guy.

Dune coloring book

Speaking of cameos, I nominate Boba Fett as "most popular character ever with smallest amount of screen time"

Dune coloring book

I think what the artist is trying to convey here is Darth Vaders' head really smells.

Dune coloring book

Lando has blue hair and a silver face in this child's interpretation of Star Wars.

Dune coloring book

Get down from there! You'll kill yourself

Dune coloring book

Right on!


Anonymous said...

Had that one! Wish I still did....

Unknown said...

Had this particular one and loved it. Kept it for many years, but alas it is now lost to time


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