Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amigos Del Terror

Amigos Del Terror (which translates into "Terror Friends") is an Argentinian off shoot of the Imperial Monsters figures discussed earlier in the day. The main differences are that the figures are blow molded (meaning they're hollow) and they dropped the Wolfman for the line.

While I'm not fond of the Imperial Monsters, I'm gaga for this line, mostly because of this:

This image of the three monsters palling around never fails to bring myself and anyone I show it to pure joy. It's a happiness generator, that's why I collect toys in the first place, so thank you Terror Friends for showing us how to laugh again.

Here's a shot of the Dracula in the series, there are subtle variations between these and their North American counterparts.

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1 comment:

Alphacentaurian said...

I would totally watch that sitcom!
They should make the mummy female, tho; and the wolfman could be a recurring guest.


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