Thursday, August 23, 2012

Italian for Slime

Mattel Slime

My world wide fascination with the world wide marketing of Mattel's Slime continues and this time we are at looking at Italy. Where it was called...Slaim, guess what that means?

It's cool, not as cool as what they called it in Spain but hey, what are you gonna do?


Neal P said...

The kid in the top picture on the right looks quite mad, as if he invented the stuff himself.

Steve said...

I used to love that stuff and would spend hours at a time having it eat my little army men. It always had a certain smell to it that was unlike anything else. After a few weeks, it would start to get thicker and dry up. I also remember when you could buy something similar in gumball machines.

John III said...

As I mentioned back in 2009 on the picture of that kid, the beginnings of a serial killer.


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