Friday, August 17, 2012

Bionic Doodles

Recently at a toy show I found this fun tube, the dealer said to me "I've never seen one of those before, apparently it's a Canada only thing" Seeing as he didn't want very much for it, I picked it up and have since, not been able to find much information on it.

It is however, a terribly fun item, more pics after the jump.

So what it is basically is a tennis ball can with Lee Majors face on it, inside are three bionic man posters along with six Bic banana markers (the kind Charles Nelson Reily  uses!) and well that's it. I can't open this without destroying it (which might explain why I've never seen one before)  but the outside of the can shows the posters.

Steve appears to be using X-Ray vision to survey a hostage situation, he had that power right?

Steve breaks in, the man had a thing against doors.

Steve beats the kidnappers with a girder, shit got very real. Hope this set includes a red marker, gonna need it to depict the kidnapper's brain tissue spewing out of their eye sockets.


Lady Jaye said...

I don't recall seeing this kind of doodle kit, but I do remember the more classic doodle kit with flat posters to color -- mine were Smurfs, but I think the markers were cheap no-names, not Bic Banana markers (the only time I ever had some Bic Banana markers was when they were given away in boxes of Cheerios in the mid-80s).

Dancin' Homer said...

he's not using X-ray vision, that's just the artist's awkward way of showing that he's looking through a window that's far away.

ps - apparantly the hand in the photo felt compelled to color some bad B.O. coming out of Steve's armpit?

Anonymous said...

"Shit got very real." That's hysterical.

Alphacentaurian said...

I remember this sort of thing (as well as the posters Lady Jaye mentions) available at the local Leisure World, just past the RPG section, the rock tumblers, but before the Visible Man kits.

Man, good times. I remember first seeing the Marvel Super Heroes RPG there and thinking "What the heck? What kind of comic is this?" A few years later, I was knee deep in Marvel Super Hero Campaigns!

I guess my point is, any marker Charles Nelson Reilly uses is fine by me!


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