Saturday, February 07, 2009

The real Batman and Robin in 1975

Paul Novak sent in these amazing shots from Chicago in 1975. As superhero appearances go, this is the top of the food chain. Adam West and Burt Ward live and in costume as Batman and Robin. Even though both mean still tour, you'll never see them in their bat duds again.

Burt Ward still looks like he jumped off a television set here, I can't imagine how cool this would have been to be a kid and meet these guys.
Thanks Paul!

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FilmFather said...

I remember meeting the "real" Batman and Robin (West/Ward), also circa 1975, at my local Kmart. I can't recall anything about West, but I still remember Ward looking down at me with a big smile, shaking my hand with both of his, and saying firmly, "Hi, Eric." Then I was given a coloring page of Batman & Robin by some staffer and sent on my way.

That memory is special for me, but now as an adult I realize that the Batman TV show was off the air for several years by 1975. Makes me feel a little sad for those two guys...I hope they were well-compensated.


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