Friday, February 06, 2009

Fleetwood Toys for 1980

This week's catalog is from Fleetwood Toys, a Rack Toy manufacturer that focused entirely it seems on the hottest licenses from TV and pop culture.
in 1980, Fleetwood was concentrating on late seventies icons such as CHiPs, Buck Rogers and Vega$ but not forgetting such evergreen properties such as the Marvel Comics Superheroes and Mighty Mouse.
There's a lot of neat stuff I'd like to own in the 1980 Fleetwood Toys Catalog....
fleetwood toys

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Jon K said...

Wow, that is some awesome stuff -- most of which I have never seen turn up on eBay in all the time I've been searching!

I didn't realize both AHI and Fleetwood made a Ghost Rider motorcyclist!

Sabrina Steyling said...

The name made me think of my favorite '70s band, Fleetwood Mac LOL! I had no idea there was a toy company called Fleetwood Toys. :)


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