Friday, February 20, 2009

1976 Mead Catalog for Super School Supplies

Yeah, it might seem pretty weird to feature a school supplies catalog, except this is Mead, who made all the cool licensed stuff you wished you had.

The big launch for 1976 were the Marvel Comics Superheroes school supplies, while I never recieved any of these personally, I must have sat across from a kid who did as they are permanently etched into my brain. Big props to my pal Tim Arnold for getting me these scans.

Check out the 1976 Mead Catalog Here

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plasticfetish said...

Oh... you're my hero! A bit ago I wrote about the one Mead 3-ring binder that I own, but I haven't been able to find photos of anything else by Mead.

Seeing those notebooks gives me a huge flashback feeling. I know that I had them all... and probably filled them with drawings of Spiderman.

Anonymous said...

Always wanted one of these binders, never got one. I seem to recall all my binders were a blue, denim or canvas type material.

Interesting asst of covers they show in that opening page. Ka-zar, Shang-Chi, . . . SuperVillain Team Up???? Even the Marvel TeamUp shown features noname losers Sons of The Dragon. You figure you'd see more of the Spidey, Cap, Hulk, Iron Man that the masses were more familiar with (and that ended up on the actual product they were pushing).

Lady Jaye said...

Wow, the 12-year-old me would have loved this! I remember when I was 13 or so, there used to be loose leaf pockets with pro athletes on the cover. I wanted the one with Andres Galarraga from the Montreal Expos so badly but didn't get it back in the day... But a friend of mine had it among his stuff and gave it to me 5 years ago! :)

rob! said...

WOW!!, what a blast from the past.

hey Brian, can i use the couple of pics that feature Aquaman in them? Those are sweeeeet!

Anonymous said...

I actually have that Spider-man comic with the Punisher on the front. Flea-markets in the 80's used to sell those 70's comics dirt cheap!

Vlad said...

Vlad still has the Spiderman Punisher Organizer stored somewhere in Vlad's dungeon. Oh the memories!


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