Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One Night Only

It's the "Three Neat Guys" and they'll be singing all your grandparents favourite songs, act now, tickets are going fast!

Warning: The First Three Rows will get rocked!

Today, I've got a cool one, it's from my Megomuseum co-hort (and the site's founder) Scott Adams and it's all about his obsession with Sesame Street Finger Puppets.

World's Greatest Sesame Street Finger Puppets is an exhaustive and very pretty look at the history of these little beauties. As a kid, I found a couple of these in a tree of all places, each puppet was on a different branch at a park. Oh and Scott is even selling some extras in case the site gives you "the itch"



Anonymous said...

I see they've studied the moves of The Spinners, O'Jays, and Pips!

ps - My word verification for this post was "rugless". As I type this, I myself am in a room THAT HAS NO RUG! BELIEVE IT . . . OR NOT!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I once found a Barbie in a tree! First I found her body & thought that was it, but then I saw her head was further up. I popped it back on & now she's part of my collection.

rob! said...

Those guys, during concerts, would routinely have panties tossed at them.

Large, grey, washed-out panties.

Anonymous said...

OMG--is that Soupy Sales??


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