Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forgotten 70s Superheroes Part One

"Doctor Lightning" had a blissfully short run in 1977, it seems kids weren't into the adventures of a disco dancing man who could shoot lightning bolts from his pants.

You can usually find his comics at antique malls, in those booths where people put their comics in freezer bags and ask for astronomical prices.


Ian Sokoliwski said...

I do believe his primary enemy was DiscoZilla.

Anonymous said...

The outfit is Godawful enough, but they offered it in Pink????

Arkonbey said...

are those... pajamas?

Again: glad not to have been out of gradeschool in the 70's.

Unknown said...

The color was 'Peach Tone'. The beauty of polyester is the colors never fade. Future archaeologists will find these gems in landfills and be able to accurately recreate the past. Polyester also generates great amounts of static electricity which may account for his awsome lightning bolt power. MT


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