Friday, January 02, 2009

Brick Mantooth's Guide to 70s Fitness

It's the new year and many of us spend these days making foolish promises to ourselves that this is the time to finally get into shape. It's ok, it's time honoured tradition, our parents did it, their parents did it and in 2057 they'll be saying "I've got to lay off the zlorch and start working out on the phonebonerator more"

But enough about the future, let's look at what the 1970s had to offer when folks started going through their wish book in order to find the latest "get fit quick" scheme.

Warning! This website contains graphic images of men in inflatable pants
and may not be suitable to sensitive viewers.


Lady Jaye said...

That exercise bike reminds me of the old one that my friend's mom had back in the 80s, which we used to decapitate a Luke Skywalker figure (which he now denies ever happened but I remember it clearly)...

rob! said...


Keith said...

I've seen it all now. lol


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