Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Superman VS Godzilla

elastic superman

Red Kryptonite has turned Superman into a blob of corn syrup! How will he defeat Godzilla now?

I love the lower pic of Elastic Superman hugging Godzilla's leg, that's how my daughter fights me. I used to have a couple of these Supermen, one burst and I found a mouse trapped in the corn syrup. Needless to say, I don't collect these anymore.


chunky B said...

Superman doesn't come with his "S"??? How weird. Godzilla was a super cool toy. With the Flame "tongue", roller skates, and shooting fist. Sometimes I wish I still had mine.

Anonymous said...

The stretchy Supes did have an "S", it was just molded into the rubber body, barely legible at best.

Every other action figure line I had as a kid battled my Godzilla.. I think the Star Wars Imperial Walker finally defeated him. :)


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