Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Ever Happened to the Man From Atlantis Toys?

Kenner Man From Atlantis Toy Proposal

It's not often I get to play toy detective (which is a shame because I have the hat and everything) so it was gratifying to make this discovery this week. Ever since I posted the Kenner Toy Proposals for the Man From Atlantis Line, I've wondered what the line would have actually looked like. Then I found a curious couple of pages in the far back of the 1978 Kenner Catalog that answered my question.

Kenner Man From Atlantis Toy Proposal

I am pleased to present Scuba Squad , Kenner's attempt to rebrand the toys they were making from the then cancelled series, which gives a glimpse of what might have been. Click the link to see the evidence yourself.


chunky B said...

Hah! I remember that show! Toys would have rocked. My friends and I spent hours trying to perfect that "Man From Atlantis" swimming stroke... It didn't impress the swimming instructors at all!

Anonymous said...

great detective work, i woulda loved this stuff as a kid! great work. dusty abell

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I seem to be having a Zippy the Pinhead moment here:

"Scuba Squad! Scuba Squad! SCUBA SQUAD!!!"


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