Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Men of Plush

Those that know me, know of my fondness for plush superheroes, especially stuff like the mego super softies. I've always found these late seventies characters from Knickerbocker to be terrific but I'm perplexed by the exclusion of Batman, Batman always gets picked for the team!


chunky B said...

Those are freaking cool!

Plus if you love plush, my company is producing stuff for the amusement industry for JLU, DC: Super Friends, Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Friends, Hulk and Iron Man Movies, plus the other heroes of the Marvel Heroes License.

We have some Spider-man 3 movie stuff and JLU already to go, the rest is in development, so let me know if you have a wish list...

rob! said...

i love the Hulk's Gamma-Fro.

Unknown said...

i used to have the superman one...i loved that damn thing even though it looked like superman on crack.


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