Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mike Power: Atomic Man

Another happy memory for me is Mike Power: Atomic Man, rumour has it that Hasbro didn't want to license the Six Million Dollar Man series so they beat everyone to the market with his G.I. Joe equivilant.

Hasbro gave Mike and interesting back story, a cripple who built his own new (clear) bionic limbs to replace his own. I always wondered how he did that by himself? I can't even fix my broken down back deck without my wife steadying things, this guy replaced his limbs, jeez.

Click to read the whole sordid tale, it's rated X.


Anonymous said...

i'm drawing a big homage jam of my favorite 70's action figures and good ole mike power and his hand held helicopter are prominetely featured, i'll be sure to send you a copy once its done, i think you'll like it! and i love your website, so many memories, thanks for taking the time to post all this goodness. dusty abell

Anonymous said...

It's interesting in the cartoon that Mike has, and uses, two arms but yet he still replaced one of them with a bionic one.


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