Friday, April 20, 2007

More from Charlies Basement

boxed mattel rodan

This is a follow up to the first Charlies Basement segment in which I took random photos from a friends toy collection. Above is a boxed Mattel Rodan, that one made me a little jealous as did the perfect mailer boxed Shogun Warriors.

carded hasbro superjoe

Carded Super Joe figures are extremely hard to find, I've never seen a loose example of the commander in this outfit, let alone carded. Note that the hands are disintegrating which is really common with these guys.

carded hasbro superjoe

Carded bearded Super Joe Commander

creature from the balck lagoon halloween costume

Apparently this Creature from the black Lagoon Halloween costume is uber tough to find.

Spiderwoman halloween costume

I admit it, I have a boyhood crush on Spider-Woman.

Godzilla halloween costume

And one on Godzilla..

Monster Viewmasters

It was hard not to crack these open


rob! said...

Spider-Woman halloween costume?

Spider-Woman certainly did appear on a lot of merch right after she was created--i remember those big two-page spreads in Marvel and DC books that were contests involving some candy bar.

DC had basically The Super Friends, and Marvel had Spidey, Cap, Hulk, and Spider-Woman! even as a kid i thought "she's not on the same level as these other guys."

Marvel gave it the ol' college try!

Swinebread said...

everybody has a crush on spider-woman

Anonymous said...

I barely ever had a comic with Spider-Woman, and still had a crush on her. I think the reasons were:

1. Flowing black hair

2. Primary color scheme is eye-catching

3. Costume looked like body paint. With no belts, loose gloves, etc. Completely skin-tight, minus her underarm webs.

She was indeed touted like Marvel's Wonder Woman, wasn't she? Even had her own cartoon!

I want to visit Charlie's house. Oh Charlie!!!


Jamdin said...

I still have my View-Master Monster Gift Set around here somewhere.


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