Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seeking Dire Wraiths

Rom the Space Knight

I think Rom might be the only action figure created by Parker Brothers (depends on what you think Nerf Man is). Released before it was legal for toys to have animated series, Rom had his own Marvel comic and what a comic! Much like the Mego Micronauts, the Marvel team would produce a book that would far outlast the toy itself.

I remember getting that first issue and being PUMPED to buy the ROM doll, of course, I never saw it at retail. Rom's creator has a website that gives some back story into the toy's creation, check it out here.


Swinebread said...

ROM rocks!

Well the comic book rocks...

I never saw the toy either. To bad Marvel doesn’t just buy up the rights so they can publish ROM again or at least a collection of the series.

Too bad they never made a Deathlok toy so you could post it, that was a great 70s comic book character.

Anonymous said...

I believe ROM came out in the late 70's/early 80's after the 12 inch action figure was already dead in the US. Interestingly, Palitoy - the company that made G.I. Joe's English counterpart Action Man, liscensed the ROM figure and released it as part of their Space Ranger line for Action Man. Rom was supposed to be his robot buddy.

- Sweep

Anonymous said...

I hadn't realized it bombed so bad. I recently retrieved mine from a box for my 3year old who of course loves robots. Still works and as indestructable as a tonka truck. I remember begging my mom for one at radio shack. I had no idea there was a comic too.

Anonymous said...

The ROM figure's head was kinda big and it had those goofy duck feet ... but the gimmicks were pretty cool.

The comic book was awesome. I really liked how they expanded the Spaceknight saga.


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