Thursday, October 17, 2019

Pod Stallions : Phantom of the Paradise

As we're into the coolest month ever, we pontificate upon one of Brian's favourite movies of all time, the Brian Depalma classic " Phantom of the Paradise".

Please note we thought of the topic exactly one minute before taping but that really wouldn't stop someone who's seen the movie50 times, there was no "boning up" required, we talk Paul Williams, where we first saw the movie, influences, Winnipeg,  the merchandise, alternative casting, shared locations with Logan's Run, the amazing Gerrit Graham and somehow end up at Zardoz? How? Anyway, It's a jam-packed hour.

Please Enjoy and we have a new PodStallions Facebook group, please join us.

1 comment:

Danny said...

For me, I absolutely love the soundtrack, Paul Williams and Winslow's costume design but find the movie itself very uneven. Plus I kinda hate that Winslow never seems to catch a break throughout the movie.
Also,I wonder if any kind of connection was ever made between Winslow's costume and Darth Vader....both were sporting the black leather w/ chest-mounted control panel look and with Lucas and DePalma being friends...hmmmm...
BTW, the Japanese seem to dig it as well...the merch you guys mentioned in the episode as well as Griffith from the Berserk manga wearing a helmet that was clearly inspired by Winslow's and I remember seeing homages and illustrations in Hobby Japan magazine during the 90s...I'm assuming most of that came from sculptor Yasushi Nirasawa.


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